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CMD Practice design

The practice design or design for your workplace can of course also be left to the hands of the craftsman, your grandmother and your neighbor. He knows which lights, which colors and which floor will fit and has a strong opinion on it. He has already used the materials in at least 20 practices/offices/workplaces and at home. But you want to stand out from the crowd.

Luxury bathroom in a town house


Every bathroom has to meet so many requirements. After all, it should be practical, easy to maintain but stunning at the same time But how do you achieve that? What do you have to do to create a perfect bathroom? Do you really need a lot of money so that it looks like something? We can help you here. We make your home what it should be! and what you want to represent it for.

Work Space

As an investor, you have an empty building. Unfortunately, nothing has happened for a long time. Capital is so badly invested. You want to add value and undertake the metamorphosis of dead space into a congress center or a small training center. But how? Maybe you don't have any ideas about the building yet. Then LXD Interior Design is the right place for you.

"LXD works closely with its customers or their site managers from the beginning of the concept through to completion. We combine the Lux Design Living style with the wishes of the client and thus find the best solutions."
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