Luxury bathroom in a town house in three versions.

Luxury bathroom in a town house in three versions.

First came the idea…

or actually we should say that first was the investor who had completely no idea(!) what to do with this very narrow and dark room. With few tricks, that we will share with you today, we transformed this space into a full functioning powder room with a shower niche. Today we are going to show you three completely different versions of a luxury bathroom in a town house located in the very heart of Berlin.

Luxury bathroom in a town house

Elegant marble

First option we wanted to address to all of you who value timeless classics. No doubt marble is thousand years old safe bet when it comes to designing bathrooms. Its majesty will elevate every interior concept. That is to say each and every element will look splendid when paired with this veined stone. Although to use it correctly in a small surface is not the easiest tasks. Marble certainly needs space to be shown, to bring people in awe however this doesn’t mean it belongs only to vast rooms. The secret lies in its surface.

The best advice for narrow room is to use glossy surfaces which will reflect the light. So to say, multiply the room!

Luxury bathroom in emperor marble

High class tiles

When you imagine luxury bathroom in a town house you think not just about the lifestyle of future owner. You think as well how to impress the potential customer. How to convince him to buy your apartment. Hundreds offers per day and just one that stands out. Dark and high class emperador marble… tiles. To achieve exactly this look we recommend one and only, Italian brand with a tradition:

Luxury bathroom in a house town with modern twist

Modern classic

Beige notes undoubtedly are bringing a lot of warmth to the interior. Cozy bathroom is something a lot of us would call luxurious.In other words the trick is to make it modern but use natural shapes. Contemporary tiles in big formats and organic forms of elements creates a perfect tandem that will definitely storm through next decade. Natural shape locked in modern material is the key.

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