Top Interior Design Trends In Berlin 2020.

Top Interior Design Trends In Berlin 2020.

Interior design is an art. And in being so, we see the trends change quite often with the times; 2020 holding many surprises. 

In Germany in particular, there has be a return to a sort of down to earth look. More and more people will be utilizing stylistic elements such as terracotta and hemp, taking the room to a new level of comfort and hominess, while maintaining an element of chic luxury. 

Keeping this in mind, there seems to be quite the revival of metals as well. This trend is taking a turn towards a modernistic charm, inviting in a sort of cool ease into the home. One thing that distances this style from the past is its more daring take on the usage of metal, as recently designers are actually mixing looks. In 2020, you will be sure to see a daring design of warm and cool metals battling for attention in a single room. 

Similarly adventurous, this next trend may surprise you. It’s very clear that in this new year, we’re rebelling. From this point on, many homeowners are playfully competing in uniqueness. 2020 is simply a time of change and it is working wonders in the world of design. More and more people will be utilizing uniquely crafted materials around the house, in a way that best represents the inhabitants. In a wonderful expression of self, many individuals are actually seeking to design their homes not in ways that speak about the stylistic choices of others, but in designs that reflect their own unique personalities. Simply put, we live in an age of individuality and it’s really starting to reflect in the world around us, even in our homes. 

And while the trend of individuality is now being mirrored in our homes, so is the desire to make our larger home, the earth, a better place. Many people are now designing around sustainability, and are willing to spend a little more if it means helping out our planet. Alongside these environmental changes, we see a continuation of this sort of “oneness” with nature with the newfound popularity of houseplants and the use of raw or rustic wood. 

Another bold and exciting move will be the replacement of more neutral palates with pops of vibrant color. It looks like we’ll be seeing a lot more pinks and yellows, among other bright colors, with the advent of millennials making housing purchases, and now, decisions. Among the bold statements made through design, we’re also seeing a resurgence of “boho,” balancing the crazy with a more down to earth feel. This will likely involve the adoption of handmade goods on the display shelves, and even the implementation of obscure and rather “funky” rugs, bringing a quirky sort of art right to the floor. Also in the name of uniqueness, there is likely to be an increase in the use of patterns and daring mashups of designs. Unlike ever before, we’re going to start seeing the use of multiple patterns in a single room. In less words, contrast is in, and it is coming in hot. 

One thing we know for sure is the 2020 is likely to be full of artistic surprises, and interior design will continue to grow and develop with these trends.

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